Portable Ramps for School Steps

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Can portable ramps help my child up steep school steps?

Portable Ramps for School Steps

It's the first day of school, a new school. And you've just moved for the fifth time. You're ten and you're in a Quickie Zippie wheelchair. Your school doesn't have a wheelchair ramp. There are only seven steps between you and the front door of the school but they might as well be a hundred.

We know it's scary, but you can flash the kids and teachers your famous smile as your dad or mom grabs an EZ-Access portable wheelchair ramp or portable suitcase ramp. Whether you have a 2-foot ramp or a five-foot ramp, the aluminum surface is kind of cool, like the slides on the playground. You smile and say, "Hey, this is fun, try it," as you motor up the ramp. Your dad's watching protectively, but that's okay. You wave to him. You're safe. He can go...you're late for first period.

You might want to watch out, some of the kids might try to hot dog it with skateboards using your ramp. Your dad will have a fit, but hey, it's a dad thing. Making a big entrance on the first day of school, it seems, is your thing and, when you're carrying portable wheel chair ramps, it's definitely not a bad thing anymore.



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