Airports and Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps

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Do suitcase wheelchair ramps work well when I'm flying?

Airports and Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps

Flying's getting worse these days. Homeland Security screenings (though we all know they're necessary), taking your shoes off, buying box lunches with tasteless chicken sandwiches, missed connections...the last thing you need to worry about is accessibility.

A single-fold safety suitcase wheel chair ramp can't get through the metal detector, and sadly, there goes your one carry-on, but portable wheelchair ramps may help when you're confronted with steps and curbs at the airport. You won't even have a problem storing portable wheel chair ramps in the increasingly crowded overhead bins. Except for a first-class upgrade, a suitcase wheelchair ramp is your best friend when flying.

If you want to check your suitcase wheelchair ramp, store it in a regular suitcase or duffel--there are multiple sizes that can fit small duffels or oversize trunks. You might want to carry an extra one in case the airline loses your luggage!



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