Vacationing Abroad with Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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Should I bring more than one wheelchair ramp when traveling abroad?

Vacationing Abroad with Portable Wheelchair Ramps

You never know what you'll encounter in Phnom Penh, Chiang Mai, Istanbul or Cannes. That's the allure of international travel. The downside: If you're in a wheelchair, you don't know what accessibility issues you'll deal with, either.

You compromised in Japan by leaving your shoes at the door but staying in your wheelchair. You've successfully bridged cultural and language barriers (tip: avoid discussing politics). You shouldn't be stopped by barriers to accessibility.

Many historic buildings, like East Coast structures in America, weren't designed for wheelchairs. Risk being the ugly American and carry a suitcase wheelchair ramp for thresholds of ancient Buddhist temples and narrow Dutch hallways.
If you can, check the doorway heights and research those ancient monuments. You'll need a telescoping portable wheelchair ramp for, say, ancient Greek temples as opposed to a simple suitcase wheelchair ramp for the taverna. And, if space is a premium in that boutique hotel or hostel, a suitcase wheelchair ramp doesn't take up much room.

You're ready for adventure and the ramps you've packed will help you to achieve a lifetime of memories. It might not be so easy, however, to explain why you've just ordered a broiled sneaker in that Paris cafe. But if you can speak French passably, you can do anything.



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