Wheelchairs Don't Wobble and They Don't Fall Down

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How can I make sure my wheelchair won't fall off a portable ramp?

Wheelchairs Don't Wobble and They Don't Fall Down

You're nervous as it is going to your cousin's wedding. After all, you never got along with that side of the family. The last thing you need is to worry about falling off your portable wheelchair ramp.

If you do make a negative impression at the wedding it might be because you drank too much rather than that you had problems with your suitcase wheelchair ramp.

A portable wheelchair ramp or a suitcase wheelchair ramp is designed to be sturdy--steel aluminum and fiberglass are durable. Of course you've selected your ramp with the correct weight in mind. Even if your not so favorite aunt says you've gained weight, you'll know you haven't.

Suitcase portable wheel chair ramps have side guards, so you can't roll off the edge, and you're still stone cold sober, right? You won't start "weaving" on the wheelchair ramp.

So other than fending off well-meaning relatives who ask when you're going to tie the knot, you have no worries...about your suitcase wheelchair ramp, anyway.



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