Sport Wheelchairs and "Murderball"

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How can I play wheelchair ball if I'm an amputee?

Sport Wheelchairs and "Murderball"

They've been on "Larry King," they've been on Fox News, they've been everywhere. It's the cast and crew of the movie "Murderball," giving hope to quadriplegics and amputees who want to play wheel chair baskteball and do wheel chair racing but need to find another athletic alternative. It's not impossible. As star Andy Cohn says, "Your mind becomes a bigger disability than the physical stuff."

If you can't play regular wheel chair sports, wheelchair rugby and especially quad wheelchair rugby may light your fire after you see the true story of four guys who became disabled and kicked butt everywhere from middle America to Athens, Greece and called their sport "Murderball." Specially designed wheelchairs allowed Mark Zupan and his cohorts to smash each other and go full throttle just like, well, like guys obsessed with sports. And yes, sometimes sport wheelchairs get smashed.

While you may not be able to afford destroying sport wheel chairs in full-contact WWE Smackdown! style, you can still play, participate and get out there. If you're playing quad wheelchair rugby or wheelchair rugby as an amputee, you still need to wear elbows and knee pads. Choose a durable wheelchair such as the Lasher Sport BT-G Tribal or the Hammer by Colours in Motion. Many high-impact sport wheel chairs can also be used for everyday life--hey, anything to get around insurance loopholes.

So let "Murderball" inspire you to play sports and get a new sport wheelchair that will help you reach for your dreams.



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