Sport Wheel Chairs and Medicare

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Can I be reimbursed by Medicare for sport wheel chairs?

Sport Wheel Chairs and Medicare

Sad to say, Medicare still doesn't see the benefit of having another wheelchair just for wheel chair racing or wheel chair basketball, never mind that participating in sports can improve overall health and mood.

Sport wheel chairs are designed to suit the track for wheelchair racing, the court for wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball, and oh yes, sport wheelchairs are designed to fit you. When selecting sport wheel chairs remember that manufacturers of sport wheel chairs customize sport wheelchairs to your needs. Naturally, all this specialization comes at a price—$2,000 to $8,000. Medicare and insurers usually don't reimburse.

If you're a casual weekend warrior not looking to become the next wheel chair basketball Shaq, a rigid lightweight chair for everyday and wheel chair basketball is a good choice. They're fast and maneuverable. Many athletes use them in competition, and they're perfect for everyday use because they're made of near-indestructible aluminum.

Kids especially like lightweight sport wheel chairs because they keep up with the constant running around kids seem to do. The important thing with a sport wheel chair is to stay active, and you don't necessarily need the specialized high-impact sport wheelchairs you see in films like "Murderball" or in the Special Olympics.

The whole point of playing sports is so you won't feel excluded from don't let fretting about money keep you from shooting hoops.



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