Wheel Chair Racing and Safety

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How can i avoid injury during wheelchair racing?

Wheel Chair Racing and Safety

When your mom admonishes, "I don't want you wheel chair racing, you could get hurt," you respond smartly, "I'm already in a wheelchair!" As usual, Mom is protective—and right. If you've been in ill-fitting wheelchairs or if you've been sedentary, you may be at greater risk for fracture or muscle tears when you take up wheel chair racing.

If you still want to race, do so safely by following these tips:

• Adhere to the safety standards set by the officials. They'll rule on whether or not your sport wheel chairs are safe.

• Don't forget to wear a helmet, racing gloves, and elbow and knee pads.

• Go to a sports camp or borrow a friend's wheelchair and burn rubber. You need to know if the chair will fit you, because if it doesn't, or if you can't maneuver fast or brake quickly, you'll find out on the track.

• Contrary to wisdom, some coaches recommend used sport wheel chairs first. They're cheaper and easier for training, and you can trade them in for a newer chair.

• Always loosen up your muscles with gentle stretching. Get out of the chair if you can and move around. Warm up with a few slow laps around the track.

• Make sure that your lower limbs are securely inside the wheelchair or they could fall out during the heat.

• A fixed position foot tray will prevent foot injuries.

• Make sure you have back support accessories or adequate back support in your racing sport wheel chairs.

Now when you win your first wheel chair racing heat, you can roll up to the camera and say, "I love you, Mom, this one's for you!"



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