Your First Wheel Chair Racing Vehicle

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What's a good beginner wheel chair racing vehicle?

Your First Wheel Chair Racing Vehicle

Your first racing wheelchair...ah...actually, you haven't started selecting sport wheel chairs for racing yet. While your niece whips along in her Quickie T-Tube Racer, you're still shopping and comparing online.

Actually, take a cue from your NASCAR niece. The Quickie T-Tube Racer, from one of the oldest and most respected wheelchair lines, is regularly used in wheel chair racing. It's designed for use by kids and adults. You can even get a used one if you're just starting out.

With all racing sport wheel chairs, the important thing is to remember those soapbox derby racers you crashed as a kid. The large front wheel gives you power, speed, and maneuverability.

Should you choose power sport wheel chairs for wheel chair racing? Power wheel chair racing is an extreme sport, as in X-Treme, and if you're a beginner, that may be like jumping right into Dale Earnhardt Jr's car. Sites such as can give you more information about this new high-octane sport.

Avid mountain biker? You might want to work up to mountain bike racing on four wheels. But for now, ask your niece to take a spin in her chair.



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