Do-It-Yourself Wheelchair Repair?

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Can I repair my wheelchair on my own?

Do-It-Yourself Wheelchair Repair?

You flunked out on automotive repair and can't program your VCR/DVD player. Unless you're twelve, if you're a kid in a wheelchair or a kid with a relative in a wheelchair, you were born in a high-tech world and nothing fazes you. Now it's your turn to give your aunt or uncle some good advice.

Every kid knows that if you don't keep your skates and bikes working, you'll crash sooner or later. You don't need replacement bike parts. You just need to tighten a bolt here, a screw there, and keep your skate wheels from wobbling. The same is true with wheel chair repair. Some tips that even the technologically challenged can use:

• It costs less to maintain than to replace wheelchair parts. Check your chair weekly or several times a week.
• If you don't keep that axel and axel plate tightened, you'll have to order the dreaded wheel chair replacement part.
• Keep an exercise pump or hand tire pump around the house and carry it in your wheel chair carryalls.
• Keep backrest and seat from wobbling or shifting around.
• Clean your room and clean your wheelchair too. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away dust from the road.
• Don't let Mom or Dad be stubborn. Ask a friend or neighbor to give the wheelchair a checkup.
• Don't attempt to replace an electric wheelchair part on your own. Don't let your dad do it either.

Above all, don't let Dad or Mom feel as though you don't need their help any more. While they respect your maturity, they'll be secretly pleased when you ask them to check your algebra homework. If you're the adult in need of help or if you're lending a hand, take a cue from your children. They have that try-anything spirit. You might even feel so accomplished you can program the outgoing voicemail message on your cell phone without help.



5/13/2015 2:03:55 PM
Felice Morin said:

I think that wheelchair maintenance gets neglected sometimes, Especially by those who are only temporary users. As mentioned, maintenance can help prevent buying replacement parts, but when you do need to buy a part, repair should be pretty manageable. These are good tips for recognizing potential problems. Anything that wobbles should be adjusted. Thanks for sharing!


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