Gearless Electric Motors

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Can I upgrade my electric wheelchair motor to a gearless one?

Gearless Electric Motors

We've come a long way, baby, from the manual wheelchair with an outboard motor. The electric wheelchair part has become more powerful, and is even going gearless. Gearless? What's that? And what wheelchair parts do I need to upgrade to get one? You have a two-pole or four-pole electric wheelchair motor. A quick reference for those who don't know:

• Two-pole--for standard lightweight wheelchairs, burns out faster than four-pole
• Four-pole--meant for heavy-duty motors that handle varied terrain, doesn't conk out as quickly

All those electric motor wheelchair parts are bound to fail rubbing together all the time, even if you're rigorous about wheelchair repair and maintenance. You're considering going one step further and getting a gearless, brushless electric wheelchair motor, which has fewer mechanical parts rubbing together. The question is, can you upgrade your existing motor?

Say you drive a Pride Go-Chair or Jet 3 with two-motor design. Can you upgrade? Actually, Invacare has introduced the Gearless Brushless Motor, so your best bet for an electric wheelchair part upgrade is on an Invacare chair (ask your wheel chair repair specialist if you drive a different wheelchair brand). The Gearless Brushless Motor has gained popularity in the world of wheelchair parts. Star requesting upgrades. After all, you haven't taken no for an answer yet, and look where you are today! Yes, we've come a long way, baby, and with luck, the rest of the electric wheelchair market will catch up to us.



11/18/2008 2:20:16 PM
jon derider said:

It's not possible to switch from a 2 or 4 pole motor to gearless/brushless because they are shaped differently so they mount differently which means the wheelchair frame is specifically manufactured to mount a GB you would need to replace the frame as well and it would probably be cheaper to just buy a whole new chair


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