A Tip About Anti-Tip Devices

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Do I need to replace the anti-tip devices if they've been removed?

A Tip About Anti-Tip Devices

Your used wheelchair has everything except anti-tip devices. Too bad, you think, but I got a bargain. Or when your neighbor gave your wheelchair the once-over, she removed the anti-tip devices to lighten your load. Wheel as fast as you can to your wheelchair replacement part and wheel chair repair store. No wheelchair should be without anti-tip devices. One bump and the hospital bills will wipe out the money you supposedly saved with a used wheelchair. It's never a good idea to skimp out on buying wheelchair parts that are important for safety.

If you can't find anti-tip replacement parts where you live, order online and choose rush delivery. The safety and peace of mind are worth the extra expense. After all, you don't want to lighten your load now only to have the added weight of a splint or cast later. Anything that increases your safety is a bargain, no matter the cost.



1/19/2009 1:05:37 PM
Ed Leeper said:

Although I do use anti-tippers,, many of my friends don't. They make it more difficult to jump curbs, or do wheelies going downhill, as most experienced riders do. Mine are set so as to allow me to recline my chair into them, for a change of seating. If you are old and fat like me, use them,,,If you are younger and more fit,, you probably won't.


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