Casters and Wheel Chair Repair

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Why is the front of my wheel chair slowing down?

Casters and Wheel Chair Repair

The front of your wheelchair isn't taking the corners on a tear the way it used to, and when it does, it skids a little. Your reputation as a demon on wheels is in jeopardy now that your wheelchair is acting sluggish. If you didn't know better, you'd say the kid reading Harry Potter put a curse on you.

Relax. You don't have to deal with spell casters, just wheel chair replacement part casters. FYI, the casters are those two small wheels at the front of your wheelchair, although with six-wheel drive, you'll often find them at the rear too. If you have front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, faulty casters can cramp your style and spoil your rep.
Chances are, your casters may be flat or loose. If they're flat, it's time to get pumped, and if they're loose, it's time to tighten. Besides, wheel chair repair savvy just makes you the guy or girl in the know.

If the casters are rusted or the tire is punctured, get a wheel chair replacement part before the rumor hits the cafeteria that you've lost your edge. You upgrade your software, so upgrade your tires from air to flat-free—buying wheelchair parts is always a good idea, they need to be replaced regularly. Once you've replaced the manual or electric wheel chair part (get a teacher to help, it's less humiliating than losing your rep), you can roar into the cafeteria like you own the place. You're baaaack!



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