Tracking Down Invacare Belts

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I have an older style Invacare wheelchair, can I get parts for it?

Tracking Down Invacare Belts

You're not ready to give up your old Invacare power wheelchair, no matter what your doctor says. You just had the tires and cushions completely redone. You've added every wheel chair replacement part and upgarde you can think of. You are ready, however, to give up on finding a belt for your Invacare wheelchair or your E & J wheelchair. You feel out of luck because you happen to love any of the following models:

• Invacare Rolls 12" Standard
• Invacare Action Arrow (before Arrows went beltless)
• Invacare Recliner
• Invacare Rolls 10" Standard

Fortunately, all is not lost. If you surf the Net to find specialty shops, you can find that elusive electric wheelchair part for wheel chair repair. Buying wheelchair parts that you want isn't impossible with the Internet. offers drive belts for older Invacare and E & J power wheel chair models.

After all, you and your wheelchair are old friends. But you might want to listen to your doctor when she tells you to lose weight and get more exercise.



11/18/2008 1:39:26 PM
jon derider said:

when it comes to replacing your belts, the first place I would look is an auto parts store. belts come in all shapes and sizes and are commonly used on engines as well as wheelchairs. the main difference between buying them from an auto parts store vs. a wheelchair parts store is cost. If you buy something as a wheelchair part, it's considered to be medical equipment and as you probably know, medical equipment is very expensive. Take it from someone who knows. If you get a deep cycle battery from batteries plus, you'll probably pay around $50 but to get the same battery from Apria Healthcare, you'll pay anywhere from $100-200 dollars each (and wheelchairs take two batteries). A $5 belt from an auto parts store will probably cost between $20-50 from a medical supply store


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