Joystick Junkie Upgrade

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How do I upgrade my joystick?

Joystick Junkie Upgrade

Yes, it's true—you're a joystick junkie, with your XBox or PS2. You love the feeling of power and control when you play Quake. Sadly, you feel your Jazzy joystick won't obey. If only you had an alien to shoot. But fantasy is fantasy and you're stuck with the joystick you have, whether left- or right-handed.

Ah, but as your cheat codes tell you, there's always a solution. You can choose from many joystick models. Other than the motor and batteries, the joystick is surely the most important electric wheelchair part. Your options include:

• Joystick extension handle with ball knob--check to see what brand it fits (they fit the major ones)
• Joystick extension handle, brake tip style
• Joystick extension handle, U-Bar or T-Bar style (allows for a firmer grip)
• Joystick extension handle, U-Bar or T-Bar with spring (more flexibility and responsiveness)

Try the joystick wheel chair replacement part on for size if you can, either in the store or by test-driving a friend's wheelchair.

Everyone says video games are a waste of time, but they've just taught you a lesson in ingenuity and wheel chair repair. Just don't go crashing through any walls with the power of your new joystick.



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