Pushing It with Push Rims

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How do I know when my wheels need to be replaced?

Pushing It with Push Rims

Your gloves are burning up faster than your face. You've been pushing for five minutes and your manual wheel chair is stalled because you're treating the wheels gingerly. Putting your hands on the push rims hurts you. It may be time for wheel chair repair.

The push rims are the ring on the rear sides of a wheelchair where you place your hands to shove your chair forward. They can be durable aluminum, they can be coated with smooth plastic, or they can even have "projections" that allow you to grab the rims more easily.

If the plastic's damaged or worn down, or if you're experiencing pain when you push, it might be time to order push rims wheelchair parts or it might be time for a wheel change. Make sure your wheels fit your wheelchair correctly. The wheel is among the easiest wheel chair replacement part to order—just make sure it fits your chair and your tires.
If you've had the wheel replaced, but your hands are still sore, a mechanic can repair and refinish the metal alloys.

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