Modular Ramps in Motion

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Can I move a modular ramp with switchbacks?

Modular Ramps in Motion

You've become the Americans with Disabilities Act expert but your boss can quote the provisions even better. When your boss says he needs to move the modular wheelchair ramp to the back because of construction in the front office, you panic. Granted, as long as the building is wheelchair-accessible, you're in compliance. But you're nervous—can you move that big bulky ramp with a switchback?

Your boss knows what's good for the business. A modular wheelchair ramp can be moved from the front entrance to the back entrance for temporary construction—just make sure that every door is barrier-free. Although that back entrance had a wheelchair ramp, it's nothing compared to this modular beauty, which can deliver you right to the back door you have difficulty reaching.

Once construction is through, you request another wheel chair ramp for the front door. Oh wait, your boss has already done it. You realize that you're a little fuzzy on the ADA, so you ask your boss to refresh your memory. Way to ramp up your rapport with the boss and your career!



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