Pathway or Modular Ramp?

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Should I choose a pathway or modular ramp?

Pathway or Modular Ramp?

Decisions, seems kids don't make many. Adults make them all. But you're in your power or manual wheelchair, and the adults are listening to you, at home and at school.

School's supposed to be accessible and the front entrance is. The side doors, however, like the auditorium doors, don't have wheel chair ramps. The last time someone raised such a fuss was when the cafeteria served bad meatloaf. At home, too, there isn't a wheelchair ramp in the backyard—your mom has those high steps leading to the deck. You can't make too many demands at home, but your school has to accommodate you.

The question is, however, do you select a modular wheelchair ramp or a pathway ramp? Think for a minute because building and using wheelchair ramps is something not to be taken lightly. A pathway ramp is more for temporary use at home and in school. You'll be in school for what feels like the next hundred years, and you aren't the only kid in a wheelchair.

Modular wheelchair ramps, with their switchback configurations, can get you onto the deck at home and into the auditorium at school. You know the adults want to do the right thing. Tell them you'll do extra homework. Appeal to their desire not to deprive you of studying and tests. Now that the new wheelchair ramp helped you into school, you have another pressing dilemma: To eat or not to eat the meatloaf?



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