Pathway Access Ramps and Sports Wheelchairs

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Will pathway access ramps accommodate my sports wheelchair?

Pathway Access Ramps and Sports Wheelchairs

Your Colours Impact Sports Chair is ready for full-court action in the gym. You and your teammates don't have a wheelchair sports arena so you're making do this once with the rec. center. Unfortunately, the building's not up to code. They didn't get many wheelchair players...until you. But while they're building a modular ramp, they suggest a temporary wheelchair ramp called the Pathway Ramp to install at the entrance.

The Pathway wheel chair ramp looks like it'll collapse...kind of like the other team's defensive line. Your Impact chair is lean and mean, but also large and in charge. The frame is 20 pounds, you weigh 250. Can pathway wheel chair ramps survive the impact? Actually, yes. Better than the other team's defense. Pathway wheelchair ramps can withstand up to 850 pounds, or three players at once rolling into the gym.



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