Concrete Suggestions for Ramps

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How do I build wheelchair ramp posts myself?

Concrete Suggestions for Ramps

You've created your own wheel chair ramp—you DIY demon, you. Now everyone's coming to you for advice about everything from painting the deck to installing a hot tub. Only if you can be the first to try the hot tub! While you're waiting for your first soak, however, the wheel chair ramps look like they're missing something. The answer is simple: Posts. How do you create your own? Put these tips on a Post-It Note:

• HGTV's Fix It Up! hosts Pat Simpson and Jodi Marks suggest using concrete piers that allow you to put posts on the ground without digging and pouring concrete. Mucking about with a shovel interferes with your hot tub time.

• Check your state, local, and federal building codes. You don't want your soak in the hot tub to be rudely interrupted by a local building inspector or health official.

• Make sure the boards are 2x6 inches or 2x8 inches and that the whole ramp is 36 to 48 inches wide to safely support your chair and you.

• Add a toe rail along the handrail to keep your wheelchair from rolling off the ramp.

Now that you've created the perfect ramp, you can enjoy a cold drink and a well-deserved your new hot tub. Your neighbors inspired you.



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