With a Little Help From Your Ramp

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Are rubber threshhold ramps good for the workplace?

With a Little Help From Your Ramp

Shockingly enough, your boss has spent the money to upgrade your office so that is is wheelchair-accessible. Of course, there goes the raise you were hoping for, but still, you've just received a "raise" of your own as you move through the doorways without difficulty. However, the front threshold is another matter. Your boss is always forgetting to scan for viruses or to pick up dry cleaning, but you're determined he won't forget accessibility for long. Managers and higher-ups like people who show initiative. Present your boss with this bold idea: EZ-Edge threshhold wheelchair ramps. Tell him they meet his litmus test:

• They're EZ to install.
• They look good, and so does he.
• They're low-cost.

You can even use EZ-Edge inside at the thresholds to:

• Loading bays
• Boss's office
• Workshops
• IT departments (those guys are so busy saving the world they forget minor details)

Did we say you weren't going to get a raise? Turns out the boss likes your ingenuity. Oh, and you just earned a promotion. Threshold wheel chair ramps can even give your career a boost. Just remember to take all the people who helped you with the wheelchair ramps with you when you get that corner office.



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