Kids and Wheelchair Ramps

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What do kids need to know about wheelchair ramp safety?

Kids and Wheelchair Ramps

You're a wheeling dealing wheelie-popping kid in your kid power wheelchair who rules the playground—you think, ramps are no problem. After all, you've ridden up the concrete ones on sidewalks and at the entrances to buildings. You're safe and careful. You may be careful, but you may not be safe.

While wheel chair ramps can hold sports wheelchairs and power wheelchairs as well as three-wheel scooters, you need to be safe. Your dad may have let you pop a wheelie up the front ramp at your house just to test the ramp he made himself but you need to be a little less of a daredevil. Hospitals cramp your style. Some hints:

• If the rail is broken or wobbly, tell an adult.
• Check to see that you can get off the ramp and transition onto the slide or swings
• Watch for color indicators that mark an increase or decrease in slope.
• Raised pits (hurray, sand and dirt), should have a ramp so you can zoom up there and get your face in the dirt.
• Watch for ramps that are wet, or where your wheelchair skids.

Now that you're safe—at least as far as the grownups are concerned—you can go back to being the queen of the playground.



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