Scooters, Power Chairs and Ramps

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What ramps are best for scooters and power wheelchairs?

Scooters, Power Chairs and Ramps

Your three-wheel scooter can get around. Cue '60s music: "I get around, get around, I get around." Your scooter can tear up the pavement. Luckily, you don't use it all the time—you're sitting in your desk at college or at work before people finish eating your dust.
But one day you hit a snag: The aluminum wheelchair ramp over the front steps doesn't look like it can hold your scooter. Suddenly you're singing Del Shannon's "Runaway."

Not to worry. If the wheelchair ramp is a PVI solid aluminum wheel chair ramp, you know that according to the ADA, it's got to be at least 36-48 inches wide and accommodate your scooter. Load capacities for wheel chair ramps are usually 600 to 800 pounds, a snap if you have the Easy Light Scooter, weighing in at 53 pounds (heaviest part is 20), or the Mini Moxie, with its heaviest part weighing 45 pounds. Oh...and PVI aluminum wheelchair ramps work for power wheelchairs too (also racing bikes).

Even if your scooter is a monster-truck Peter Fonda-type "Easy Rider," you'll have no problem rolling up and down aluminum PVI wheelchair ramps. Cue "Born To Be Wild"! Buiding and using wheelchair ramps don't have to be difficult tasks.



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