Hints For Buying Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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What should I look for when I’m shopping for wheelchair accessible vehicles?

Hints For Buying Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

There is a lot to consider when purchasing wheelchair accessible vehicles. Not only do you have to arm yourself with information about buying a new vehicle, you also have to be prepared to learn about the adaptive equipment that goes along with it. We've put together some hints to help you sort out the information on wheelchair accessible vehicles.

  • Because of the amount of information you'll need to learn about when making your decision to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it's best to get a driving specialist. A driving specialist such as a physical therapist or occupational therapist with adaptive vehicle experience can assess your specific needs and provide you with good driver's training.
  • Although your insurance carrier won't pay for your wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can still find funds to help you pay for transportation. Besides finding employment, you can also look in other areas. If the ability to drive is a necessary part of finding employment, you can check with your state's vocational rehabilitation agency. Also look at grants from local social service organizations.
  • Avoid picking the first wheelchair accessible vehicle option presented to you. According to Jerry Stalls, the president of Stalls Medical Inc., adaptive equipment providers should investigate a series of questions with you in order to find the best personal fit.



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jo ann said:

I have a son that is handicap and has been in a wheelchair sent 1997. We don't have the money to get a van or a wheelchair lift. If you can please let me know where to get help I would really like to know. If you would like to talk to me call me at (937)838-5038 thank you


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