Types Of Van Lifts

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What types of van lifts are available to me?

Types Of Van Lifts

You'll find a range of van lifts out on the market to choose from: platform van lifts, under vehicle van lifts, rotary van lifts, and hoist type van lifts. Each type of van lift has advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out more.

Platform Van Lift – The platform van lift rests in an upright position on the inside or outside of the door. When in use, it unfolds from its frame and lowers your wheelchair to the ground. The main disadvantage of this type of van lift is that it blocks the doorway when it isn't in use. However, you can find some models which will split or fold, allowing other passengers access through the van door.

Under Vehicle Van Lift – The under vehicle van lift attaches underneath the van. When in use, it emerges out from the van at the vehicle floor level. You can lower the platform to the ground via controls once you're secure. This type of van lift works well because it's out of sight, protected, and doesn't block doorway access.

Rotary Van Lift – This type of van lift rests on the van floor when not in use. When activated, the rotary van lift swings out from a supportive pole out of the van and onto the ground. Though easy to use, the rotary van lift does take up quite a bit of space in the van.

A Hoist Van lift – Rather than using a platform, a hoist van lift has an arm which swings out from the side door and lowers the wheelchair to the ground. You or someone else will have to attach the wheelchair frame to the arm of the hoist.



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