Five Easy Ways To Prevent Wheelchair Repair

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What steps can I take to prevent having to do wheelchair repair?

Five Easy Ways To Prevent Wheelchair Repair

You can easily end up paying hundreds of dollars to repair your wheelchair. In order to avoid having to spend a large sum of money, read our guide to five easy ways to prevent wheelchair repair:

  • Make sure your wheelchair tires have an optimum level of air to assist your movement. A flat tire can wear out your battery or cause you strain when pushing your wheelchair.
  • Clean your wheelchair on a regular basis to keep the parts running smoothly and avoid rust.
  • Check to make sure the axle and axle plate on your wheelchair are tight. This will ensure the axle doesn't become damaged during movement.
  • Check the nuts and bolts to make sure they're tight and that no wheelchair parts will come loose.
  • Exercise caution when going through very steep inclines. There is a possibility that your wheelchair may flip over.



4/21/2015 2:12:02 PM
Gary said:

I have a phoenix drive scooter.. this was bought knew but sat a very long time in the store.. I bought new battery's for this...It still does the same thing, it will go forward about a inch and reverse VERYSLOW..I have cleaned all the wire connections that I know of...I can not afford to call a repair man.. I need this chair badly and hope to find someone who can give free advise as to hopefully fix my chair with a adjustment or cleaning of something.. If parts are needed, I have to wait on that.. It just don't seem like new parts will be needed on a new scooter.. I thank anyone that can help with there (opinion) on what might help, I understand its just your (opinion) something I can try myself... I need help, I need my chair..


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