Four Power Wheelchair Maintenance Measures

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Can you tell me how to maintain my power wheelchair?

Four Power Wheelchair Maintenance Measures

If want to keep your power wheelchair running smoothly, make sure you adhere to its upkeep on a regular basis. From some ideas on power wheelchair maintenance that will prolong the life of your equipment, follow these simple measures.

  • Every month, practice good power wheelchair maintenance by checking the drive belts. Drive belts that are too tight will damage your bearings and result in expensive repair costs. Drive belts that are too loose may come off or result in ineffective power due to slippage.
  • Check the electrical connections on your power wheelchair several times a year to make sure they are grime and corrosion free. You will also want to make sure your electrical connections are firmly in place as well.
  • If you live in colder climates, you'll want to make sure salt corrosion doesn't affect your power wheelchair. Use a wire brush to remove any salt build-up on your electrical connections. Remember to remove the cable from the connection first.
  • Do a spot check every once in a while on frequently used parts. These might include footrests, adjustable backs, tilt mechanisms, and adjustable armrests.



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