Wheelchair Problems You Can Check Yourself

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Can you tell me some wheelchair problems I can easily look for?

Wheelchair Problems You Can Check Yourself

When you first purchase your new wheelchair, become familiar with it so that when changes occur, you can easily spot them. For a rundown of easy wheelchair problems you can check yourself, take a look at this list.

  • If your new wheelchair goes from operating smoothly to folding with difficulty or no longer moves in a consistent straight line, you could have wheelchair problems with the frame.
  • Check the adjustable straps on your chair backs if you have them. They become loose over time and need regular adjusting.
  • If you have sling seat upholstery, it may sag over time. A sagging seat affects your posture and may damage a seat cushion by bending it. You can fix the sag on some types of sling seat upholstery by removing one side from the frame and pulling the material tight before replacing the sling seat.



11/18/2008 2:09:36 PM
jon derider said:

Also, be very familiar with the owner's manual for your power wheelchair. It should contain a fault code list that coincides with the lights on your joystick. For example, if you have and Invacare Arrow Storm with Mark IV electronics and your chair suddenly stops and your joystick is flashing 3 bars on your battery gauge, if you look in your owner's manual, you'll see that a 3-bar flash indicates a motor fault which can be caused by one of your motor brake levers disengaged, or a melted motor plug.


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