Do It Yourself Wheelchair Repair

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How do I get thread and other materials out of my caster axles?

Do It Yourself Wheelchair Repair

One common problem with wheelchair maintenance involves the caster axles. It's easy for materials like hair and thread to get caught in the caster axles, impeding normal movement. This is a straightforward wheelchair repair task you can likely do on your own. In order to get these fibrous materials out, you'll need to remove the caster from the fork by using two wrenches. Use one wrench to hold the axle bolt in place and use the other one to unscrew the nut. When you remove the caster, be careful to keep track of two small spacers located on either side of the caster wheel. You can use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the caster clean. Replace the caster onto the fork when complete.

Note: If you don't feel you can handle this wheelchair repair task on your own, get the help of a friend, relative, or neighbor.



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