Common Problems Caused By Faulty Wheelchair Parts

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How do I know which of my wheelchair parts are faulty?

Common Problems Caused By Faulty Wheelchair Parts

There are some common problems wheelchair users experience that can be attributed to faulty wheelchair parts. These often affect the movement of the wheelchair itself. If you're looking to troubleshoot your wheelchair parts, these are some of the common problems.

  • If the wheelchair has a tendency to tip over backwards, your wheelchair might have broken or unused anti-tippers, an incorrectly installed seating system, or a bent frame.
  • A wheelchair that doesn't fold may indicate a bent frame.
  • If the wheel locks do not function, you may have a problem of loosened hardware, broken wheel locks, or worn tires.
  • When you have a wheelchair which is difficult to push or move, you may have flat pneumatic tires, a bent frame, or misaligned wheel axles.



11/18/2008 1:49:07 PM
jon derider said:

If your chair has a tendency to tip backwards, check your center of gravity. Most chairs have an adjustable axle sleeve that can be moved forwards or backwards. If you have a seating system on your chair, make sure it's not mounted too far forward. If it is, then it's necessary to have the wheels moved forward on the chair so that the user can reach them to propell. This will make the chair very tippy. Wheel locks also need to be adjusted every so often to compensate for worn tires which simply requires you to loosen the clamp and slide it back closer to the wheel.


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