Wheelchair Repair Certification

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How do I know if a wheelchair repair company is qualified to fix my wheelchair?

Wheelchair Repair Certification

A wheelchair repair technician must follow the laws of his state which may require certain levels of wheelchair repair certification. Some of the larger wheelchair companies offer courses on the diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of their products. Their courses help a wheelchair repair technician troubleshoot and repair a problem with their equipment in the most efficient manner possible. The coursework also includes wheelchair repair certification. If you want to know if a wheelchair repair company is qualified, check their technicians meet the minimum requirements as required by law in your state to repair wheelchairs. Also look for any education and certification they have taken in repairing a model of wheelchair specific to the one you own.



1/29/2008 4:45:33 AM
Anonymous said:

I am from Georgia and have been doing repair work on wheelchairs for 14 years. I have never heard of a wheelchair repair certification. Can someone tell me where to go to find what my state requires?


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