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Mobility Scooter Lifts

Scooter lifts can be installed right into your van. That way you are able to drive your scooter right onto the lift, and lift it upward into your vehicle without having to disassemble your mobility scooter. There are also external scooter lifts that can besides lifting, can be used as a trailer to pull your larger model scooter behind your car.


Considerations For Getting Wheelchair Lifts

Before you buy a wheelchair lift consider the following: What do you need a wheelchair lift for? Where will you use it? How often will you need it? These questions will help you select the right wheelchair lift model. Wheelchair lifts are one way to create instant accessibility within your home. Additional ways to create accessibility in and around your home include wheelchair ramps, entrance ramps, and roll-in shower stalls.


Stair Lifts To Navigate Between Floors

One way to negotiate a curved stairway with an intermediate landing is through the use of two straight stair lifts. Using two straight stair lifts will be less expensive than designing a custom curved stair lift. The one caveat to this is that separate stair lifts would require the user to be able to navigate from one stair lift to the next one.


Lift Cushions For Assistance

Lift cushions work well for a wheelchair user who can push with his or her feet. Caregivers can also use lift cushions when they need assistance moving a wheelchair user to and from the chair.


Types Of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are mobility aids that can help a variety of mobility users - from those with Parkinson's disease to the elderly. If you find that you have difficulty getting out of a chair and you just need a little assistance, lift chairs are a great mobility aid that will help you gain independence.


Get A Lift Chair For A Boost

A lift chair has the appearance of any normal chair, but gives you the added benefit of a tilt up position to help you get onto your feet. To find a selection of lift chair models, you can go to TheWheelchairSite.com and conduct a search for lift chairs. You will find a variety of links to chair lift sponsors, so you can do some comparison-shopping.

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