Wheelchairs Frequently Asked Questions

How can I adjust a wheelchair as my child grows?

What's a good wheelchair choice for kids younger than five?

Is there a way to dress up my child's wheelchair?

Can my child still play sports in a wheelchair?

How do I choose an electric wheelchair for my child?

Can my child use sports wheelchairs for daily use?

How wide should my child's wheelchair seat be?

How can I make my child's wheelchair more comfortable?

Can standing wheel chair frames help my child's mobility?

How can my child protect her hands and knees with a manual chair?

How much does Medicare pay for electric wheelchairs?

How do I help my child in a wheelchair be more confident and active?

How do I safely operate my power wheel chair?

Can electronic devices make my power wheel chair stop working?

How can I be seen at night when I'm riding in my electric wheel chair?

Will Medicare cover my change from a manual to an electric wheelchair?

Should I choose a power wheelchair or a motorized wheelchair?

Can I get a power chair at no cost if I pre-qualify?

Should I buy a used electric wheelchair at a reduced price?

What do I do if I can't get coverage from Medicare or insurance?

Should I choose an electric wheelchair or a scooter?

How easy is it to transport my mobility scooter?

What accessories can I buy to use with my mobility aids?

What safety features should I look for in my mobility scooter?

Can I use crutches when I'm not using motorized mobility aids?

What are heavyweight mobility scooters and what do I use them for?

Should I choose a 3-wheel or 4-wheel scooter?

I'm a farmer suffering from arthritis, what scooter do I choose?

How do I customize my mobility aids?

Can portable ramps help my child up steep school steps?

I have a specialty car for my needs, how do I choose a ramp for it?

Do suitcase wheelchair ramps work well when I'm flying?

Should I bring more than one wheelchair ramp when traveling abroad?

Can I rent portable wheel chair ramps for temporary use?

How can I make sure my wheelchair won't fall off a portable ramp?

Will portable wheelchair ramps work on buses or trains?

How can I play wheelchair ball if I'm an amputee?

Can I be reimbursed by Medicare for sport wheel chairs?

How can I play wheelchair sports as a quadriplegic?

How can i avoid injury during wheelchair racing?

What's a good beginner wheel chair racing vehicle?

Can I still climb mountains and do I need a sports wheelchair?

Are handcycles expensive and which ones do I choose?

How do I get started in bicycle wheel chair racing?

How can sports wheel chairs help me play wheel chair basketball?

What stair lifts are best for kids?

How do I get my wheelchair on stage during college graduation?

Which is better, hydraulic or electric stair lifts?

Can I install my home stair lift by myself?

Are there special lifts just for my scooter or my child's go-kart?

Do I have to install an electric van wheelchair lift myself?

How do I accessorize my wheel chair lift?

How do I protect my legs and arms from bruising when I'm moving?

How do I secure my wheelchair in my car?

What fun sports wheelchair accessories are there for kids?

How can I vandal-proof and crime-proof my wheelchair?

What wheelchair trays are best for my laptop computer?

Can I use a wheelchair desk tray when I'm in bed?

How do wheelchair accessories keep me cool or warm?

How do I extend the life of my electric wheel chair battery?

Does one wheelchair battery charger work well for all batteries?

How do I know the battery charger fits my wheel chair model?

Which is better for my wheelchair, wet or gel wheelchair batteries?

What is the AGM electric wheel chair battery?

How do I charge my AGM wheel chair battery?

I'm a kid or teen, can I charge or work with my wheel chair battery?

I love my Quickie, but what other Sunrise Medical chairs can I use?

Is there a Miss Wheelchair brand from the Ms. Wheelchair pageant?

Can I get a manual Jazzy wheelchair since I don't need a power one?

Which Sunrise Medical chairs and scooters can travel long distances?

Which wheeilchair brands offer good reclining wheelchairs?

How do I choose a Jazzy wheelchair model?

Should I choose a large or small wheelchair company?

Which is better, a foam, gel or air wheelchair cushion?

Which should I choose, cooling cushion or cooling pad?

Are wheelchair cushions covered by Medicare?

When is it time to replace my wheel chair cushion?

Do regular wheel chair cushions cool my body too?

How do I know if a cushion will be comfortable?

What cooling cushions are good for kids?

Can I repair my wheelchair on my own?

Can I upgrade my wheelchair tires?

Can I upgrade my electric wheelchair motor to a gearless one?

Do I need to replace the anti-tip devices if they've been removed?

Why is the front of my wheel chair slowing down?

Why is my wheelchair seat and/or frame wobbling?

I have an older style Invacare wheelchair, can I get parts for it?

How do I upgrade my joystick?

How do I know when my wheels need to be replaced?

Can I move a modular ramp with switchbacks?

Should I choose a pathway or modular ramp?

Will pathway access ramps accommodate my sports wheelchair?

How long should the ramp to my front door be?

How do I build wheelchair ramp posts myself?

Can I build my own wheelchair ramp?

Are rubber threshhold ramps good for the workplace?

What do kids need to know about wheelchair ramp safety?

What ramps are best for scooters and power wheelchairs?

How do I make air travel better with my wheelchair?

I have parkinson's, do I need a wheelchair or just a rollator?

Do I need to modify my bathroom for wheelchair use?

Can I travel in a foreign country with my wheelchair?

Do kids' rooms need wheelchair modifications?

Can I rent a wheelchair for a vacation in the country?

Are there special wheelchairs I can use at the pool?

Do I need to wear a seatbelt in my wheelchair?

How do I make my hands and feet more comfortable in wheelchairs?

What are mobility scooters?

What are electric mobility scooters?

Will insurance pay for my mobility scooter?

Can I buy used mobility scooters?

What are the different sizes of mobility scooters?

Are there mobility scooter accessories?

What are some different mobility scooter styles?

Are there plus size mobility scooters?

What are mobility scooter lifts?

What are pediatric wheelchairs?

What are the different types of pediatric wheelchairs?

What is pediatric wheelchair customization?

What are manual pediatric wheelchairs?

What are electric pediatric wheelchairs?

What are pediatric wheelchair lifts?

What are some pediatric wheelchair accessories?

What are some accommodations for kids in wheelchairs?

How do I choose a pediatric wheelchair?

What are power wheelchairs?

What are some of the different styles of power wheelchairs?

What are some powerchair safety tips?

Does health insurance cover electric wheelchairs?

What can I do about replacement insurance for my motorized wheelchair?

What are some different types of batteries for power wheelchairs?

What wheelchair accessories can I get to make carrying items even easier?

Can you tell me what kind of wheelchair batteries I can get?

Can you help me decide what battery power I need?

Can you tell me about the different wheelchair seat cushions?

How does the alternating pressure seat cushion work?

How should I choose a battery charger?

Can you tell me about clothing guards?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting armrests with my wheelchair?

Can you give me some suggestions for types of wheelchair trays?

What should I look for when Iím shopping for wheelchair accessible vehicles?

Can you tell me if mini vans would be a good choice for a wheelchair accessible van?

Can you give me some resources to do research for an adaptive vehicle?

How important is it to get a driving specialist and undergo a driving assessment?

What things do I need to consider before deciding on a wheelchair van lift?

What types of van lifts are available to me?

What are some good places to find used wheelchair vans?

What are some specific features I should look for when deciding on wheelchair lifts?

What things should I look for when shopping for a used adaptive vehicle?

What steps can I take to prevent having to do wheelchair repair?

What parts can I replace on my wheelchair?

Is there an organization that makes wheelchair repairs and donations?

Can you tell me how to maintain my power wheelchair?

Can you tell me some wheelchair problems I can easily look for?

How do I get thread and other materials out of my caster axles?

How do I know which of my wheelchair parts are faulty?

What do I put in a wheelchair repair kit?

How do I know if a wheelchair repair company is qualified to fix my wheelchair?

What should I look for when Iím shopping for a used wheelchair?

What types of wheelchair carriers are available to me?

What advantages do I have if I buy a wheelchair from a bigger manufacturer?

What are the disadvantages of buying from a smaller wheelchair manufacturer?

What are some positive reasons to buy from a smaller wheelchair manufacturer?

What are the disadvantages to buying from smaller wheelchair manufacturers?

What should I know about booking a wheelchair rental if Iím traveling?

What type of wheelchair is best suited for me?

What are the advantages of using a manual wheelchair?

What are some advantages of using a power wheelchair?

Can you tell me how a lift chair and assist me?

What are the basic types of lift chairs?

What are lift cushions used for?

Can you tell me about stair lifts?

What considerations do I need to make when looking at wheelchair lifts?

Can I get a lift chair to accommodate a heavier weight?

Can you tell me about some of the wheelchair lift manufacturers?

What is the difference between electric wheelchair lifts and hydraulic wheelchair lifts?

How does a manual wheelchair lift work?

What options do I have for portable wheelchair ramps?

What are the benefits of suitcase wheelchair ramps?

How much can I expect to pay for wheelchair ramps?

Can you tell me about getting a wheelchair ramp for my home?

Is there a cost effective way to make my home accessible?

What stationary ramps would work to make an area accessible?

How do I determine what ramp size to get?

What concerns should I have with portable ramps?

Have there been any recent innovations with wheelchair ramps?

Is there a rough-terrain sport for wheelchairs?

What type of wheelchair works well for sports on the court?

Can you give me an idea of what wheelchair sports I can participate in?

Is there a professional organization for wheelchair basketball?

Can you tell me about wheelchair racing?

What organization sponsors wheelchair marathons?

Can you tell me about wheelchair tennis?

What kind of adaptive dancing can I participate in?

Can you tell me about wheelchair bowling?

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