Growth Kits, Growth Options

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How can I adjust a wheelchair as my child grows?

Growth Kits, Growth Options

Your precious little girl cuddled in your arms and just cooed whenever she was happy. Now she's too big for her bed...and her wheelchair. You want her to be healthy and safe, but you can't keep buying brand new child wheel chairs.

Now, you don't have to. The latest in wheel chair accessories for children: Growth options or "growth kits" that come with growth child wheelchairs or can be purchased separately—they're more affordable than buying new child wheelchairs.

More than mere wheel chair accessories for children, growth kits allow you and your kids to make adjustments to pediatric wheelchairs as your little angels with wheels grow. Growth kits include replaceable components that you can expand to larger sizes. For example, the Colours pediatric wheelchair line by Permobil offers new wheelchair frames with upholstery and footrests.

Think your insurance won't pay? Sometimes insurance companies do cover growth kits, depending on your policy. Ask the underwriting department or check the fine print. If you don't have insurance, growth kits are still a relatively inexpensive option.

After all, no matter how fast your child grows, she never will outgrow your love.



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