Wheelchairs Before Kindergarten

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What's a good wheelchair choice for kids younger than five?

Wheelchairs Before Kindergarten

Your children are paralyzed or unable to walk, but they're not old enough for child wheelchairs. We know you love your kids no matter what and want their ride to be smooth even though their life isn't.

Take heart: You can choose pre-wheelchairs, pediatric mobility aids, that look like bumper cars. The Tumble Forms Ready Racer is a cool way for your child to get around indoors. Your son or daughter can scoot around with other kids in a race-car-style conveyance that has the maneuverability of pediatric wheelchairs. The Ready Racer builds up upper body and arm strength and improves perceptual motor skills while allowing your child independence. Your child can tear around across that shag carpet. And other kids will think it's awesome!

Just be mindful of safety as you are with any other wheeled contraption your child would drive, although the Ready Racer is safer. Also, the Ready Racer is mainly intended for indoor use.

As an alternative, the MiniBot and GoBot from Mobility4Kids offer the same freedom as the Ready Racer. However, the MiniBot operates in closed spaces while the GoBot can handle dirt, grass and carpet.

Anothe choice for the stroller crowd is the Kid Kart, which is easy for parents/caregivers and comes in bright colors. The Kids brand child wheel chairs are designed just for use by toddlers. Since both of these need you to push them, you may not want to use them for long if you desire to give your child more independence.

*Get the adjustable handle for easier carrying and handling. Enjoy life with your hot rodding child!



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