Cool Wheel Chair Accessories

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Is there a way to dress up my child's wheelchair?

Cool Wheel Chair Accessories

Kids can be cruel to each other. Sometimes other kids can't see beyond the wheelchair to the fun best friend/science expert/Monopoly champion you know your child is. The answers are simple:

1) Help your child to be outgoing.
2) Never let her give up.
3) Accessorize!

There are wheel chair accessories for children and adults that can add sparkle to child wheelchairs, or at least can pump up the "cool" factor. Some suggestions:

• Mounts to hold laptop computers, boomboxes or cell phones for older kids and toys for younger kids
• Desktops so kids can play board or card games with friends
• Spoke guards in different colors or with pictures of dolphins, the American flag, or a happy face
• Seat covers in animal prints
• Cup holders

Children can get creative with pediatric wheelchairs. That picture from art class, decals and stickers, glow-in-the-dark garlands on the handlebars, a photo of the family pet, bumper stickers with funny (not offensive) sayings...a child's imagination and enthusiasm to dress up the world has no limits. Encourage creativity, it's the best accessory of all.

What are the best wheel chair accessories for children? Friends.



1/3/2009 6:28:01 PM
Bill said:

Don't forget the custom spoke guards - I let my son pick some out and they really helped liven up the looks of his wheelchair - they have a lot of fun designs at -


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