Sports/Lightweight Chairs for Everyday Use

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Can my child still play sports in a wheelchair?

Sports/Lightweight Chairs for Everyday Use

Even if your little basketball/soccer/gymnastics fan shudders at the idea of being athletic, she can still use lightweight/sports child wheel chairs with wheel chair accessories for children, such as spoke guards with the NY Knicks logo.

Sports/lightweight pediatric wheelchairs have become popular by parents selecting child wheelchairs for daily use. They look sporty, with colors such as "slime green," and move easily. Sports child wheelchairs gently handle the rough-and-tumble days of childhood. They're also easy to transport by car.

"Lightweight" doesn't mean lack of support. When you have your child measured for a wheelchair, your doctor or mobility aid specialist will make recommendations about wheelchairs that will support your child. Lightweight pediatric wheelchairs offer the same support as other child wheelchairs—they're just easier to operate. Consult with your doctor about lightweight child wheel chairs.

Even if your child claims to be allergic to sports, she won't hesitate to get active and play outside with her friends, or go cheer on her favorite team.



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