Child Wheelchair Seats and Cushions

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How wide should my child's wheelchair seat be?

Child Wheelchair Seats and Cushions

Kids have a hard time sitting still. Even when they do sit still they need to be comfortable. If your son is reading Harry Potter or The Hobbit, you definitely don't want to break the spell with a wheelchair seat that doesn't fit.

Fortunately, child wheelchairs are designed to accommodate kids' squirminess. The typical seat width is 11 inches or 27.5 cm. You can request some adult wheelchairs in kids' sizes. If your child still wiggles around, invest in comfortable foam seat cushions for when your child is on the move or has to sit for long periods such as doing homework. Cooling cushions and heating pads can be therapeutic too.

Tried everything? Your son may just need to be out of the chair. No matter how adaptable the wheelchair, wheelchairs can be hard on the back. A standing seat option or standing frame wheelchair may be the way to go.

So now when your kids won't sit still and listen to you, take comfort. It's not their pediatric wheelchairs, they're just being kids.



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