Standing Wheel Chair Frames for Children

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Can standing wheel chair frames help my child's mobility?

Standing Wheel Chair Frames for Children

Now you can say to your children, "Stand up straight," even when they're in child wheelchairs. If your child still has use of both legs and isn't an amputee but requires a wheelchair, standing frame pediatric wheelchairs give her a boost. If she needs an alternative to her walker or crutches, standing frame child wheel chairs are easier to operate and have room to place her bookbag, cell phone, sports equipment, science projects, or CD player.

Standing frame child wheel chairs lessen conditions like progressive scoliosis, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy (wheelchair-bound kids have a high risk of hip dislocation), and build skeletomuscular strength, improving range of motion. Children with arthritis can do physical therapy during their normal daily activities, and feel confident. This is especially true for children who are recovering from temporary illness or injury.

Changing positions from standing to sitting in conventional wheelchairs can put unneccessary pressure on muscles and joints. Inappropriate positions can cause tremendous pain.

The upshot? Your child can be more confident. Kids hate being shorter than their peers, but with a standing frame chair, your son can look that starting forward on the school basketball team in the eye. No need to worry about being left out of class trips, dances and carnivals! Your child can win that ring toss with the improved muscle tone and coordination from all that exercise. You may worry about muscle spasms with many diseases, but standing frame pediatric wheelchairs can decrease these so that your child can hit the bullseye with a steady hand.

One of the best benefits of a standing frame wheelchair? You can hug your child and get hugged back. That's definitely a reason for your kids to stand tall and proud.



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