Medicare and Changing Wheelchairs

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Will Medicare cover my change from a manual to an electric wheelchair?

Medicare and Changing Wheelchairs

You've named your manual wheelchair "Daisy." It's almost like a family member. But this relative is giving you a backache. You can't operate your manual wheelchair without feeling stiff and sore every minute. You want to give up the manual wheelchair that Medicare paid for. You're determined than an electric wheel chair will give you more independence. The question is, will Medicare cover a change, and is it too early to start shopping for electric wheelchairs?

Medicare says yes, but you have to toss out the manual wheelchair that Medicare now covers. Not literally—you just have to return it if it's a rental, or give it away (many hospitals and nursing homes will welcome this donation). Power wheel chairs and Medicare will work together once you've gotten rid of the manual wheelchair.

You and your manual wheelchair have been through everything. It won't be easy saying goodbye. That said, you're ready for the next phase of life...ready to say goodbye to pain and stiffness. While letting go isn't easy, Medicare reimbursements make life in a wheelchair a little simpler. You can christen your electric wheel chair Daisy II and start your new life together.



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