Used Electric Wheelchairs: Your Best Bet?

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Should I buy a used electric wheelchair at a reduced price?

Used Electric Wheelchairs: Your Best Bet?

You're not on Medicare, and your insurance won't cover a brand new electric wheel chair. You need some electric wheelchair tips. What can you do? Or you think you should avoid the headaches of insurance, electric wheelchairs and Medicare. You heard that your best friend's cousin's friend wants to unload his electric wheel chair, best offer. You're tempted. Before you go lemon shopping, here are some suggestions:

• A used wheelchair won't be tailored to you. It's designed to fit the original owner. True, you can customize it, but if you have specific comfort or motor needs, you could be in for a greater headache than filling out insurance claim forms.

• If your claim is denied, keep rattling someone's cage. Squeaky power wheel chairs get the most grease. Keep calling the underwriting department, or change insurance if possible. Enlist your doctor's support.

• Can you trade in your manual or electric wheel chair for a new chair of equal value? Some electric wheel chair stores may allow you to do that.

• Can you afford not to get the best wheelchair you can? It's more than a means to get around. It's part of your life.

If you're still determined to buy a used wheelchair, buy from a reputable dealer such as ScooterLink, which offers like new power wheel chairs and electric wheelchairs at reduced prices, with custom upgrades available. If you're in an economic bind, you can also look up service organizations in your area that provide used electric wheelchairs. If you're buying from a private seller, ask about potential defects and why your best friend's cousin's friend wants to sell his chair.

Wherever you buy used electric wheelchairs, ask about defects and get at least two price quotes. Ask to try before you buy.Those insurance and Medicare forms don't seem so daunting after all.



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