Transporting Electric Mobility Scooters

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How easy is it to transport my mobility scooter?

Transporting Electric Mobility Scooters

You're feeling foot-loose and free whizzing along on your Pride Go-Go Ultra Power Mobility Scooter...until you get to your car and try to store your new hot wheels. Still, needing mobility aids didn't faze you, right?

Most electric mobility scooters easily disassemble for convenient transportation and storage, even if your car seems only slightly larger than your mobility scooter. The Pride Go-Go Ultra, for example, disassembles into four pieces. The trick is putting it back together again, so keep your instruction manual handy. Many companies offer portable scooter cases, and the Pride Go-Go ultra comes with its own red or blue case.

Other mobility scooters, like electric wheelchairs, fold for storage in hatchbacks, overhead racks and trunks. Most airlines will allow you to store your equipment in the overhead storage bin--just make sure the frame doesn't shift during the flight. Although flying is becoming less and less civilized, flight attendants are still happy to help. Just request special assistance ahead of time--you can do it when you buy your ticket online!

After all, the whole point of a mobility scooter is to get around without fear and with confidence.



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