Mobility Scooters and Safety

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What safety features should I look for in my mobility scooter?

Mobility Scooters and Safety

They look like high tech go-karts, but mobility scooters are built to withstand more punishment as well as the wear and tear of everyday life. There are some safety tips to make sure that your kart lasts as long as you need it to. Follow this mobility scooters advice:

• Rain and electric mobility scooters don't mix, either while you're driving or your mobility scooter is sitting in the driveway. Invest in a cover for your mobility scooter, even if you're storing it in the garage or cellar. Moisture and rain can seep through inside the garage or basement.

• Charging mobility scooter batteries is easy--just plug in and power down. You can also buy battery charges.

• Most mobility scooters, as well as electric mobility aids in general, have anti-tip devices for added safety. Never remove or fuss with anti-tip devices.

• Get a master key so no one has access to your scooter but you.

• A locking seat and tiller eliminates those bumps and jumps when you're riding.

• Use reflectors for night and low-light driving.

• Front bumpers absorb minor impacts from curbs or walls.

• Avoid using portable electronics and cell phones while your electric mobility scooter is running.

• When traveling or driving, don't try to load or unload mobility scooters, with parts that can weigh 30 pounds, without the help of family, friends or caregivers.

High-tech go-karts? The amusement park was never this much fun, or safe. Best of all, you can take the ride with you.



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