Heavyweight Mobility Scooters

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What are heavyweight mobility scooters and what do I use them for?

Heavyweight Mobility Scooters

You're thinking about being a Million Dollar Baby in your mobility scooter. You can stand the punishment of a few rounds with Evander Holyfield, but can your scooter survive a trip to the boxing arena to watch Holyfield K.O. his opponent?

Heavyweight or heavy duty electric mobility scooters such as the Invacare Zoom 400 can hold up to 400 pounds. If you're a musclebound boxer/sumo wrestler on the mend, or a fan battling weight problems, you can be sure that the heavyweight mobility scooter will support your weight without pain and further injury.

It's tough ducking bookies, obsessed fans, and would-be Mike Tysons. Fortunately, your mobility scooter can withstand bites. They're indestructible should you decide to drive through the boxing ring, although we can't speak for the durability of your nose, particularly since scooters can't turn as fast as an electric wheelchair--though speeds are improving as new models appear on the scene.

Best of all, you may dream of being a Million Dollar Baby, but in the meantime, a heavyweight scooter won't cost you nearly as much as Don King's cut in Vegas.



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