Stair Lifts For Kids

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What stair lifts are best for kids?

Stair Lifts For Kids

You wish you could yell at your child, "Don't run up and down the stairs!" Good news, Dad, now you can yell, "Don't ride that stair lift up and down--you'll wear it out!"

You know that stair lifts will take away some of the insecurity and awkwardness kids can feel about being different. Whether you have curved staircases, straight staircases or those combo ones with a landing, "stair chair" wheelchair lifts can help your child get upstairs, then stall for thirty minutes at bathtime.

If your job transfers you, you might face a little more pressure in the wallet from curved stair lifts, which are more customized and take longer to design and install. Luckily, Medicare has paid for your child's electric wheelchair, so wheel chair lifts don't seem so daunting. You might want to choose electric stair lifts, which are less expensive and have a battery backup in case of a power outage.

Afraid your child will outgrow the lift as she does everything else? A wheel chair lift is designed to handle wheelchairs no matter what the size or the child's size.

Now, as we've said, the only problem with stair lifts is getting your child to stop riding them up and down ten times!



8/17/2007 2:50:35 PM said:

I am looking for a stair lift for someone that is about 250 pounds.Do you know where I can find one


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