Graduation Wheelchair Lifts

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How do I get my wheelchair on stage during college graduation?

Graduation Wheelchair Lifts

You've adjusted your cap and gown. Your graduation speech actually sounds like it won't embarrass you. Granted, there will be thousands of people—and you're the one they picked to give a speech.

You forgot one detail: How do you get onstage to give that speech? Someone didn't read their wheel chair lift guide! A portable wheel chair lift can hoist you onstage. It's a dramatic entrance for a dramatic speech about overcoming hurdles and reaching for the stars.

The VIRTUOSO by Ascension is a great investment for your college to make--ask the Office for Students with Disabilities. You are, after all, a pending graduate with student loans.

Plus, when you finally finish your Ph.D. dissertation, the wheel chair lift will still be there.



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