Water or Electricity?

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Which is better, hydraulic or electric stair lifts?

Water or Electricity?

Hydro power or electric power? This isn't an alternative energy source debate. You're deciding whether to use an electric wheel chair lift or a hydro wheel chair lift for your staircase. Of course, it depends on your usage and your home energy system. Some considerations in selecting either wheel chair lift:


• Are you conserving electricity? Hydraulic stair lifts use water power for fluid and smooth movement.

• Afraid of rolling blackouts? Hydraulic stair lifts won't stop working in case of an outage or blown circuit.

• Spiral staircase with lots of twists and turns? Hydraulic stair lifts can even out sudden curves and jerks.


• Been good this month with your electricity usage? Reward yourself. An electric stair wheel chair lift costs less than a hydraulic wheelchair lift.

• No time to waste with complicated repairs? You just need a good electrician and a company with a great repair/warranty policy.

• Safety-minded? Battery backups won't strand you or your child in mid-lift.

You've selected the hydraulic lift because you're staying put in your green, eco-friendly house. Now if only you could solve the question of the nation's energy supply so easily.



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