Electric Scooter Lifts

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Are there special lifts just for my scooter or my child's go-kart?

Electric Scooter Lifts

You're scooting around or your child is tearing around in a scooter or electric go-kart. All of a sudden, you're ready to go for pizza, and your neighbor just bought that Escalade that your child says seems farther off the ground than a "Star Wars" vehicle. Your neighbor is five feet, three inches, and so is your caregiver, and both weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. Not to fear, no stopping required, scooter lifts are here.

A wheel chair lift for scooters makes sense. Scooters are, after all, built differently than wheelchairs. They resemble golf carts. But which scooter lift do you choose? And, can you or your child stay in the scooter or go-kart? Your child can't, since go-karts can't strap into a van seat, but certain scooters can strap down, so you can drive right inside the van.

Besides the interior cranes that attach to the floor or to a van's side doors and run off the car battery, you can buy scooter wheel chair lifts in remote-controlled platform models that you drive your scooter onto, just like a ferry or elevator. Once you and your scooter are secure, the remote lifts the whole apparatus into the Escalade.

While your child frets when the go-kart is left in the back, you and your neighbor and/or the child's caregiver feel better knowing the go-kart is safely stowed.

If your neighbor's Escalade is crowded with kids or just plain crowded, you can hook an exterior scooter lift to the rear of the vehicle. Electric power and remote control do the rest.

You or your child can happily disembark for pizza, since electric scooter wheel chair lifts lower scooters or go-karts to the ground. The only problem: you might be asked to deliver pizza in thirty minutes or less!



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