Customizing Electric Wheel Chair Lifts

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How do I accessorize my wheel chair lift?

Customizing Electric Wheel Chair Lifts

You accessorize your scooter. You accessorize your wheel chair. Did you know you can accessorize your wheel chair lifts with two essential don't-leave-the-ground-without-them accessories like:

• Telephone Jacks
• Automatic Door Openers

Why would you need telephone jacks for electric wheel chair lifts when you have a cell phone? Just as with power wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, cell phones can interfere, so leave them on the ground. It's a good idea to have a phone available with a long cord.

Automatic door openers work well if you're in an electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair with limited use of arms. Think of it—the door opens Star Trek-style as you boost yourself up to your doorstep.

Some portable wheel chair lifts such as the Ascension VIRTUOSO have a compression feature and casters so you can get them through narrow school auditorium doors. You don't have to read a wheel chair lift guide to see the advantages that that offers.

Never underestimate the power of wheel chair lifts, the human spirit...and accessorizing!



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