Wheelchair Car Carriers

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How do I secure my wheelchair in my car?

Wheelchair Car Carriers

Your auto mechanic loves you so much he's cut his inflated estimates to half-inflated. All the modifications to your car have made him, or her, happy. You have the wheelchair lift or ramp. But assuming your wheelchair doesn't strap into the car seat, and most don't, where do you store the chair? Most foldable simple manual wheelchairs ride in the trunk, but can be jostled around easily and you need to store all your wheel chair accessories.

It's time to make your mechanic happy again. You can install wheelchair car carriers, a new one in wheel chair accessories. They'll even fit in your pickup truck bed or on a standard trailer hitch—anti-sway bars keep you from having an accident that will give your mechanic a trip to Maui…bad for him, good for you.

Just as you would a bicycle, you can mount your foldable wheelchair on a bumper or a roof rack. With the car-top racks, you can automatically hoist your wheel chair accessory case, your wheelchair ramp, and oh yes, your wheelchair.

If you have a scooter, you're out of luck—scooters usually need to be disassembled, which means you're stuck with your trunk lift wheelchair accessory. Still, your mechanic has to install that too. Is it any wonder he or she has named that first baby after you?



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