Wheelchair Anti-Theft Accessories

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How can I vandal-proof and crime-proof my wheelchair?

Wheelchair Anti-Theft Accessories

You've got cameras and alarms in your house and car, in your office, and at school...did you ever think you'd need wheelchair anti-theft devices? If not, you've been choosing wheelchair accessories unwisely.

Sad to say, there are probably people who get their jollies out of stealing your wheelchair—there's such a thing as karma, the ultimate wheel chair accessory. However, you don't want to give anyone the chance to rip you off. While alarm wheelchair accessories usually prevent patients from getting up and wandering off, they can also keep your chair from disappearing or getting trashed (again, karma works too.)

An anti-theft wheelchair accessory bar fastens to the wheels, stopping movement—It's like the Club for wheelchairs. An overhead anti-theft wheel chair accessory device fits all brands of wheelchairs. It may not deter everyone, but you can't forget karma.



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